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Catacomb 3-D DOS Splash Screen

Full Name: Catacomb 3-D - Descent / A New Dimension

Release Date: November 1991 (32 year's ago)

Publisher: Softdisk / Gamer's Edge

Genre: Combat Style 3D Game


How to Use

Hold the keys down at the same time.

To turn off the cheat, just repeat the same sequence.


The Cheats

Codes for Catacomb 3-D, Catacomb Abyss, Catacomb Armageddon & Catacomb Apocalypse

F10 + E = Jump to the next level.

F10 + G = GOD mode - gives full invincibility.

F10 + I = Gives extra items. Press repeatedly gives 99 of everything including all the scrolls.

F10 + M = Shows memory usage information.

F10 + O = Changes to an overhead view. Esc to go back.

F10 + W = Warp to another level (0-18). Level 5 is a hidden level.

F10 + Z = Freeze all monsters and stops the time counter.

F10 + 1-8 = Gives you scrolls.


1. These codes are not case-sensitive.

2. There are 21 levels in the full version.


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Catacomb 3-D: A retrospective

Catacomb 3-D, another pioneering creation by id Software, further solidified the studio's reputation for pushing the boundaries of gaming technology. Released in 1991, Catacomb 3-D is a first-person shooter that marks a significant step forward from its predecessor, Hovertank 3D, showcasing the early evolution of the genre.

Set in a fantasy world, Catacomb 3-D plunges players into a labyrinthine environment filled with monsters, treasures, and magical artifacts. What distinguishes Catacomb 3-D is its use of an advanced game engine that allowed for textured walls and improved graphics, providing players with a more visually immersive experience.

The game's narrative revolves around the protagonist, a wizard named Petton Everhail, who must navigate through the catacombs to defeat the evil Nemesis and his minions. Catacomb 3-D introduced elements of fantasy and magic into the first-person shooter genre, expanding the thematic possibilities beyond the military and science fiction settings commonly seen at the time.

The success of Catacomb 3-D played a crucial role in establishing id Software as a trailblazer in the gaming industry. Its technical advancements and innovative design laid the groundwork for the studio's future iconic titles, such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

Catacomb 3-D not only demonstrated the potential of first-person shooters in a fantasy context but also showcased id Software's commitment to pushing the technical limits of gaming hardware. The game's textured graphics and immersive atmosphere set a new standard for what players could expect from the emerging genre.

In retrospective, Catacomb 3-D stands as a testament to id Software's early contributions to the evolution of first-person shooters. It was a crucial step forward in the studio's journey, shaping the landscape of gaming and leaving an indelible mark on the history of the medium. The success of Catacomb 3-D contributed to the foundation of a genre that would later dominate the gaming industry for years to come.

- IDGC editor