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Unlocking Secrets: A Guide to Cheat Codes for id Software's Legacy PC Games

Explore cheat-codes for 27 iconic id Software titles, spanning from classic Rescue Rover (DOS) to epic, DOOM Eternal (Windows).

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Games Listed by Release Date (Earliest First)


Rescue Rover DOS Splash Screen
Rescue Rover


Rescue Rover | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk

Rescue Rover 2 - DOS Splash Screen
Rescue Rover 2


Rescue Rover 2 | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk

Shadow Knights - DOS Splash Screen
Shadow Knights


Shadow Knights | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk

Commander Keen - DOS Splash Screen
Commander Keen


Commander Keen Series | Released: circa 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk

Hovertank 3D - DOS Splash Screen
Hovertank 3D


Hovertank 3D | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk

Catacomb 3-D - DOS Splash Screen
Catacomb 3-D (Series)


Catacomb 3-D | Released: 1991 | Publisher: Softdisk


Wolfenstein 3D - DOS Splash Screen
Wolfenstein 3D


Wolfenstein 3D | Released: 1992 | Publisher: Apogee Software

Spear of Destiny - DOS Splash Screen
Spear of Destiny


Spear of Destiny | Released: 1992 | Publisher: FormGen


Doom - DOS Splash Screen


Doom | Released: 1993 | Publisher: id Software



Heretic - DOS Splash Screen


Heretic | Released: 1994 | Publisher: id Software


Doom 2 - DOS Splash Screen
Doom II: Hell on Earth


Doom 2: Hell on Earth | Released: 1995 | Publisher: GT Interactive

Hexen: Beyond Heretic - DOS Splash Screen
Hexen: Beyond Heretic


Hexen: Beyond Heretic | Released: 1995 | Publisher: id Software/GT Interactive


Quake - DOS Splash Screen


Quake | Released: 1996 | Publisher: GT Interactive


Hexen 2 - DOS Splash Screen
Hexen 2


Hexen 2 | Released: 1997 | Publisher: id Software

Quake 2 - Windows Games Cover
Quake 2


Quake 2 | Released: 1997 | Publisher: Activision


Quake III Arena - Windows Games Cover
Quake III Arena


Quake 3 Arena | Released: 1999 | Publisher: Activision


Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Windows Splash Screen
Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Released: 2001 | Publisher: Activision


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Windows Intro Screen
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


Enemy Territory | Released: 2003 | Publisher: Activision



Doom 3 - Windows Splash Screen
Doom 3


Doom 3 | Released: 2004 | Publisher: Activision


Quake 4 - Windows Splash Screen
Quake 4


Quake 4 | Released: 2005 | Publisher: Activision


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Windows Splash Screen
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


Qake Wars | Released: 2007 | Publisher: Activision


Wolfenstein 2009 - Windows Game Screen
Wolfenstein 2009


Wolfenstein | Released: 2009 | Publisher: Activision


Quake Live - Windows Game Screen
Quake Live


Quake Live | Released: 2010 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Rage - Windows Game Screen


Rage | Released: 2011 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Doom 3: BFG Edition - Windows Title Screen
Doom 3: BFG Edition


Doom 3: BFG Edition | Released: 2012 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Doom 2016 - Windows Splash Screen
Doom 2016


Doom 2016 | Released: 2016 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Doom Eternal - Windows Cover Screen
Doom Eternal


Doom Eternal | Released: 2020 | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks



About id Game Cheats

Cheat codes have been a staple in gaming, offering players various advantages to alter the traditional gameplay experience. In the context of id Software's older games, these cheat codes provided players with enhanced abilities, unlimited resources, or altered game dynamics.

These codes can also serve other interesting purposes ...

1. Exploration and Discovery: Cheat codes allowed players to explore different aspects of the game world without the usual constraints. This encouraged players to uncover hidden areas, secrets, or Easter eggs they might have missed during regular play.

2. Accessibility and Enjoyment: For some players, navigating challenging levels or overcoming tough enemies might be a daunting task. Cheat codes offered a way to level the playing field, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for gamers.

3. Testing and Debugging: During development, cheat codes are often used as tools for testing and debugging. What might have initially been intended for developers became accessible to players, adding an extra layer of experimentation to the gaming experience.

4. Customization and Creativity: Cheat codes allowed players to customize their gaming experience, enabling them to experiment with different scenarios, character abilities, or game dynamics. This creative aspect added replay value to the games.


About id Software

id Software, founded in 1991 by John Carmack and John Romero, is renowned for pioneering first-person shooter games. In the DOS era, they released classics like Wolfenstein 3D (1992), the game that essentially birthed the genre, and the groundbreaking Doom (1993), known for its revolutionary graphics and multiplayer capabilities.

Transitioning to Windows, id Software continued its dominance with titles like Quake (1996), a significant leap in 3D graphics and multiplayer, and later Quake II (1997), showcasing enhanced graphics and a robust single-player experience. Their focus on cutting-edge technology and visceral gameplay cemented id Software as a legacy in the gaming industry.


General Notes on Code Usage

1. Some cheats may only work with full versions of id Software computer games (not demo or 'shareware').

2. Compatibility depends on many factors (such as version number), so some cheats may not work in all versions. When version differences are known, these will be shown.

3. These codes are for the PC (computer) version of the games. Video game console versions (like Xbox) may work too, but are not certain to be compatible.


Have Fun!

I hope these id Software cheats' offer you an interesting take in how to engage with these great retro games. We've been at this since 2013 (11 years and counting!) so the codes are well tried and tested. Have fun!