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DOOM 3 - Windows Splash Screen

Full Name: Doom 3

Release Date: August 3, 2004 (19 year's ago)

Publisher: Activision

Genre: First-Person Shooter Game

OS: Microsoft Windows

How to Use

1. When in the game, bring down the Console with Ctrl, Alt, ~and then enter the following codes.

2. When in the Console type: 'com_allowconsole 1' and now just use the ~ key to open/close the Command Console.


The Cheats

benchmark = Game benchmark mode.

clearlights = Turn off all lights except the flashlight.

pm_thirdperson 0/1 = Changes to a 3rd person view on/off.

kill = Kills the player.

pm_jumpheight = Defines how high you jump ### (number).

freeze = Freeze all enemies on screen.

gfxinfo = Graphics card information.

god = Allows invincibility.

gotohell = An instant win.

IDDQD = Returns a messages relating to doom 1.

IDKFA = Returns a messages relating to doom 1.

killmoveables = Kill all moving enemies.

killragdolls = Kill all non-moving enemies.

killmonsters = Kills all monsters on the level.

map = Jump to a specific map.

notarget = Makes the player invisible to enemies.

noclip = Walk through walls and objects.

pomber = Auto ammo refresh.

set g_dragEntity 1 = Grabs objects/bodies when you aim and fire at them.

status = Shows game status information.

testlight = Creates a new light source.

give - Then one of the following:

all = All weapons with full ammo, health and armor.

ammo = Gives full ammo.

ammo_belt_small = Ammo for the chain-gun weapon.

ammo_bfg_small = Ammo for the BFG weapon.

ammo_bullets_small = Ammo for the Pistol.

ammo_bullets_large = Ammo for the Pistol.

ammo_cells_small = Ammo for the Plasma Rifle.

ammo_cells_large = Ammo for the Plasma Rifle.

ammo_clip_small = Ammo for the Machine Gun.

give ammo_clip_large = Ammo for the Machine Gun.

ammo_grenage_small = Grenade ammo.

ammo_rockets_small = Ammo for the Rocket Launcher.

ammo_rockets_large = Ammo for the Rocket Launcher.

ammo_shells_small = Ammo for the Shotgun.

ammo_shells_large = Ammo for the Shotgun.

armor = Gives you 125 armor points.

berserk = Turn on Berserker mode.

health = Gives maximum health.

keys = Gives all keys for the current level.

pda = Gives PDAs/disks of the current level.

weapon_bfg = Gives the BFG gun.









1. Codes are not case-sensitive.


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DOOM 3: A retrospective

Doom 3, released in 2004 by id Software, is a significant departure from the fast-paced, arena-style action of its predecessors. It marked a shift towards horror-themed first-person shooters, introducing a darker narrative, atmospheric environments, and intense survival horror elements. Doom 3 is often praised for its immersive storytelling and cutting-edge graphics, showcasing the capabilities of contemporary gaming technology.

The game's narrative follows the protagonist, a marine stationed on Mars, as demonic forces are unleashed through a portal experiment gone wrong. Unlike the previous Doom titles, Doom 3 places a stronger emphasis on plot and atmospheric storytelling, delivering a more cinematic experience.

Doom 3 utilized the id Tech 4 engine, which showcased impressive graphics and dynamic lighting effects. The technology allowed for realistic shadows, detailed textures, and atmospheric lighting that contributed to the game's immersive and eerie ambiance. The use of flashlight mechanics heightened the sense of tension and darkness, making resource management a crucial aspect of the gameplay.

While the game received acclaim for its graphics and atmospheric design, some critics noted a departure from the high-speed action that defined the earlier Doom titles. Doom 3 introduced a more methodical pace, with emphasis on survival horror elements, jump scares, and a greater reliance on atmospheric tension.

Doom 3's arsenal of weapons included both traditional firearms and experimental, futuristic devices. Each weapon had a secondary fire mode, providing players with strategic options during intense encounters with demonic foes. The game also featured a diverse array of demonic enemies, each with unique characteristics and attack patterns.

In addition to its single-player campaign, Doom 3 included a multiplayer component. While the multiplayer aspect did not achieve the same level of popularity as other contemporary shooters, the game's emphasis on atmospheric horror and storytelling set it apart in the genre.

Doom 3 received a re-release in 2012 as "Doom 3: BFG Edition," featuring enhanced graphics, support for 3D displays, and additional content. The BFG Edition also included the original Doom and Doom II games.

Doom 3's legacy lies in its successful transition to a horror-focused experience while still incorporating the classic Doom elements. Although it may have divided fans with its departure from the series' roots, Doom 3 demonstrated the franchise's adaptability and willingness to explore new directions in the ever-evolving landscape of first-person shooters.

- IDGC editor