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Doom - DOS Splash Screen

Full Name: Doom

Release Date: December 10, 1993 (30 year's ago)

Publisher: id Software

Genre: First-Person Shooter


How to Use

Type out these codes individually. A message will appear at the top of screen to indicate the cheat is activated.


The Cheats

IDDQD = Degreelessness mode, or God mode. Invulnerability with health boosted to 100%.

IDKFA = Full ammo, 200% armor, all weapons and all keys given.

IDFA = Gives all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor (version v1.4 and above only).

IDMUS = Play music track: 11 to 45 (full version v1.9 only).

IDSPISPOPD = No clipping for walking through walls.

IDCLEV = Warp to episode/map (E#M# or MAP##). May not work on all versions.

IDMYPOS = Displays player's coordinates and compass direction (in hexadecimal format).

IDCHOVPPERS = Gives you the chainsaw weapon.

IDDT = Toggles Automap between normal, full, and full with objects (full reveals unexplored areas, not shown by the computer area map powerup).

AltTIDDT = Toggles Automap with objects include opponents (versions below v1.9 only).

IDBEHOLD = Displays a menu, now you can type those below:

R = Radiation shielding suit.

I = Partial invisibility.

V = Invulnerability.

A = Show the computer area map.

L = Light amplification visor.

S = Berserk mode.



1. These codes are not case-sensitive.

2. These codes also work on The Ultimate Doom game.

3. The cheat codes are disabled on the Nightmare! skill level, except for 'IDDT' and 'IDCLEV' cheats.

4. Version v1.9 - cheat codes are disabled in Deathmatch games, except 'Alt TIDDT' in Cooperative games.

5. Versions prior to v1.9 - cheat codes are disabled in Deathmatch AND Cooperative games, except 'Alt TIDDT' cheat.


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DOOM: A retrospective

Doom, unleashed upon the gaming world in 1993 by id Software, stands as a seismic shift in the industry and a defining moment in the evolution of first-person shooters. This iconic title, often regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time, not only raised the bar for technological innovation but also laid the groundwork for the entire genre.

Set on the desolate moons of Mars, Doom plunges players into a nightmarish scenario where they must battle hordes of demons unleashed by experiments gone awry. The game's narrative, though relatively straightforward, served as a backdrop for the intense and immersive gameplay that would become its hallmark.

Doom's revolutionary game engine, the id Tech 1 engine, introduced advancements like textured 3D environments, dynamic lighting, and multiplayer capabilities. These technological strides, coupled with the fast-paced action and relentless onslaught of enemies, created an experience that captivated players and set a new standard for what was possible in gaming.

The level design of Doom was a masterpiece in itself, featuring intricate mazes, hidden passages, and a sense of verticality that added depth to the gameplay. The arsenal of weapons available, from the iconic shotgun to the devastating BFG 9000, empowered players to face the demonic forces with a satisfying array of firepower.

Doom's impact was not only technical but cultural. The game's shareware distribution model allowed it to spread like wildfire, reaching a massive audience and solidifying its place in gaming history. Its multiplayer mode, though initially a modest feature, laid the groundwork for the multiplayer experiences that would become a staple in future first-person shooters.

The modding community that sprouted around Doom further extended its lifespan, showcasing the game's versatility and the creative potential of player-generated content. Doom's influence is immeasurable, having inspired countless games and shaping the way we perceive and play video games.

Decades after its release, Doom remains a cultural touchstone, with re-releases and remasters ensuring that new generations of gamers can experience the groundbreaking thrills of this legendary title. In the pantheon of video game history, Doom stands tall as a testament to the vision and innovation of id Software, forever changing the landscape of gaming.

- IDGC editor