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Hexen DOS Splash Screen

Full Name: Hexen: Beyond Heretic

Release Date: October 30, 1995 (28 year's ago)

Publisher: id Software

Genre: First-Person Shooter Game


How to Use

To use these cheat codes, type the codes in individually.

To turn off the cheat, just repeat the same sequence.


The Cheats

Full Version Game

SATAN = God Mode. Gives the player immunity to most damage.

CLUBMED = Changes health to 100%.

BUTCHER = Kills all enemies on the current level.

NRA = Gives all weapons, full manna and full armour.

INDIANA = Tops up inventory to maximum.

LOCKSMITH = Gives all keys.

SHERLOCK = Gives all puzzle items.

CASPER = No clipping allows walking through walls.

SHADOWCASTER = Change player class to: 0 = Fighter, 1 = Cleric, 2 = Mage.

VISIT = Warps to level 01-31

INIT = Restarts the level, removes all carried items and disables further cheats.

MAPSCO = First time: Full automap (reveals unexplored areas), Second: Full automap with items/enemies, Third: Back to normal

WHERE = Shows the player's coordinates and compass direction (in hexadecimal).

TICKER = Toggles a ticks-per-frame counter.

NOISE = Display sound debug information.

MRJONES = Display game version information.

DELIVERANCE = Pig mode; turns the player into a pig for 60 seconds with 30% health.

MARTEK = Do this 3 times will kill the player.

CONAN = Removes all weapons (excluding the first) and manna.

Shareware Version Game

BGOKEY = God Mode. Gives immunity to most damage.

BRAFFEL = Gives all items.

BPELLETIER = Warp to level: 01-04.

CSTIKA = Kills all enemies on the current level.

CRHINEHART = Gives all weapons, full manna and full armour shield.

EBIESSMAN = Pig mode; turns the player into a pig for 1 minute with 30% health.

INIT = Restarts the level, resets collected items and disables further cheats.

JSUMWALT = Shows the player's coordinates and compass direction in hexadecimal.

KSCHILDER = Display sound debug information.

MRAYMONDJUDY = Gives all keys for the current level.

PLIPO = Changes player class to: 0 = Fighter, 1 = Cleric, 2 = Mage.

PMACARTHER = Display version information.

QUICKEN = Type 3 times kills the player.

RJOHNSON = No clipping mode for walking through walls.

REVEAL = First time: Full automap (reveals unexplored areas). Second: Full automap with items/enemies. Third: Back to normal.

RAMBO = Removes all weapons and manna.

SGURNO = Sets health to 100%.

TMOORE = Gives all puzzle items.

WEWIN = Wins the game (in early demo version only).


1. These codes are not case-sensitive.

2. Codes are disabled in multiplayer Hexen and the Titan/Pope/Archimage (level 5) skill level. MAPSCO is not disabled on this difficulty level.


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Hexen: A retrospective

Hexen: Beyond Heretic, released in 1995 by Raven Software and published by id Software, represents a significant evolution in the first-person shooter genre. As a sequel to Heretic, Hexen not only continued the dark fantasy theme but also introduced innovative gameplay mechanics and level design, setting it apart from its predecessors.

Set within the same mystical universe as Heretic, Hexen follows three different character classes—a warrior, a cleric, and a mage—each with unique abilities and playstyles. This departure from the singular protagonist of previous titles added a layer of complexity and replayability to the game, as players could experience the story from multiple perspectives.

One of the key innovations in Hexen was the hub-based level design, similar to Heretic. However, Hexen took it a step further by incorporating interconnected hubs, creating a more immersive and expansive world. Players would revisit areas, unlocking new pathways and secrets as they progressed through the game.

The introduction of puzzles and a more intricate level structure distinguished Hexen from its predecessors. Players were required to solve environmental puzzles and find key items to progress, adding an element of strategy and critical thinking to the gameplay. This departure from the straightforward action of previous titles contributed to Hexen's reputation as a thinking person's shooter.

Hexen maintained the fantasy setting and demonic enemies characteristic of the Heretic series, but it introduced a more nuanced and interconnected narrative. The intricate storyline, combined with the three distinct character classes, added depth to the game's lore and contributed to its immersive atmosphere.

The unique hub structure and character classes also impacted multiplayer gameplay. Cooperative play allowed friends to join forces and tackle the challenges together, each contributing their unique skills. The competitive multiplayer mode, Deathmatch, remained a staple, offering frenetic battles in the dark fantasy world.

While Hexen may not have achieved the same mainstream success as some of its contemporaries, it earned a dedicated fan base for its innovative design and complex gameplay. Its influence can be seen in the continued appreciation for games that blend first-person shooting with puzzle-solving and exploration. Hexen: Beyond Heretic remains a testament to Raven Software's commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre and delivering a memorable and distinctive gaming experience.

- IDGC editor