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Rescue Rover 2 DOS Splash Screen

Full Name: Rescue Rover 2 - Dognapped!

Release Date: 1991 (33 year's ago)

Publisher: Softdisk

Genre: Top-down, Puzzle Game


How to Use

To use these cheat codes, hold the keys down at the same time.

To turn off the cheat, just repeat the same sequence.


The Cheats

F10 + E = Skip to the next level.

F10 + G = God mode. Invulnerability from all walls and obstacles.

F10 + J - Jump cheat.

F10 + S - Slow-motion mode.

F10 + W - Jump / Warp to another level.


1. These codes are not case-sensitive.

2. There are 10 levels in the Shareware version.

3. The full game has 30 total levels to play.


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Rescue Rover 2: A retrospective

Rescue Rover 2, the sequel to the 1991 classic, expanded upon the success of its predecessor with enhanced features and a more intricate gameplay experience. Released in [insert release year], this id Software creation took the Rescue Rover series to new heights.

In Rescue Rover 2, players once again assume the role of a robotic rover, navigating through complex mazes and overcoming obstacles to rescue adorable stranded animals. The sequel introduced fresh challenges, more intricate puzzles, and an expanded array of tools at the player's disposal.

One notable improvement in Rescue Rover 2 was the upgraded graphics, showcasing improved visuals that were cutting-edge for its time. The game's developers paid careful attention to detail, creating a visually appealing environment that complemented the engaging gameplay. Moreover, Rescue Rover 2 featured an enriched soundtrack, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The music was carefully composed to match the game's tempo, creating an immersive atmosphere that drew players deeper into the world of robotic rescues.

The sequel's success also lay in its ability to maintain the perfect balance between accessibility and difficulty. While welcoming to newcomers, Rescue Rover 2 posed challenges that appealed to seasoned gamers, ensuring a satisfying experience for players of all skill levels.

Overall, Rescue Rover 2 secured its place in gaming history as a sequel that not only met but exceeded the expectations set by its predecessor. With its combination of captivating gameplay, improved visuals, and a memorable soundtrack, Rescue Rover 2 remains a testament to the ingenuity of id Software and the timeless appeal of classic video games.

- IDGC editor