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QUAKE Wars - Windows Splash Screen

Full Name: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Release Date: September 28, 2007 (16 year's ago)

Publisher: Activision

Genre: First-Person Shooter Game

OS: Microsoft Windows

How to Use

1. Open the console during a game with: Ctrl, Alt, ~ and type: net_allowscheats 1.

1a. Now you can open the Console with the ~ key.

2. Enter these codes as shown.


The Cheats

ammo = Gives more ammo (only works in some situations).

g_maxproficiency 1/0 = Promote the player to maximum rank and unlocks items on/off.

give ammo = Gives more ammunition.

give health = Additional health.

god = Allows invincibility.

noclip = Allows walking through objects and walls.

pm_thirdperson 1/0 = Enter third-person perspective mode on/off.

Spawn vehicles

spawn_vehicle = Then one of the following:








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Enemy Territory: A retrospective

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, released in 2007 by Splash Damage, is a team-based first-person shooter that blends objective-focused gameplay with vehicular combat. Set in the Quake universe, the game serves as a spiritual successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, retaining its emphasis on team coordination, class-based gameplay, and large-scale battles.

Quake Wars takes place during Earth's war against the alien Strogg forces, allowing players to join either the Global Defense Force (GDF) or the Strogg, each with unique abilities, weapons, and vehicles. The asymmetrical gameplay adds depth and variety to the matches, as players must adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen faction.

One of the standout features of Quake Wars is its large-scale maps, designed to accommodate up to 24 players in online multiplayer matches. The expansive environments encourage strategic planning and coordination among teammates to achieve objectives. The game includes a variety of roles, from soldiers and medics to engineers and field ops, each contributing to the team's success.

Vehicular combat plays a significant role in Quake Wars, with both factions having access to a range of land and air vehicles. These vehicles can be used for transportation, fire support, or completing specific mission objectives. The integration of vehicular gameplay adds a dynamic element to the battles, requiring players to coordinate ground and air assaults effectively.

The objective-based gameplay in Quake Wars sets it apart from traditional team-based shooters. Missions include constructing bridges, capturing key points, escorting convoys, and other strategic objectives that contribute to the overall war effort. Successful completion of objectives not only aids the team but also unlocks additional resources and capabilities.

Quake Wars received praise for its innovative approach to team-based multiplayer, offering a unique blend of infantry and vehicular combat within a sci-fi setting. While the game didn't achieve the same level of mainstream success as some other titles in the genre, it garnered a dedicated player base and appreciation for its ambitious design.

Despite its relative niche status, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars remains a notable entry in the Quake series, showcasing Splash Damage's commitment to delivering innovative multiplayer experiences within the Quake universe. The game's focus on teamwork, varied gameplay elements, and large-scale battles contribute to its lasting impact within the realm of team-based first-person shooters.

- IDGC editor