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Heretic DOS Splash Screen

Full Name: Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

Release Date: December 23, 1994 (29 year's ago)

Publisher: id Software

Genre: First-Person Shooter Game


How to Use

To use these cheat codes, type the codes in individually.

To turn off the cheat, just repeat the same sequence.


The Cheats

GIMME then a letter below followed by 1-9 (an onscreen prompt will guide you):

A = Gold Ring of Invincibility.

B = Green Mask of Invisibility.

C = Bottle of Healing.

D = Mystic Urn (full version only).

E = Tome of Power (double shot power).

F = Torchlight (lasts for 2 minutes).

G = Hour glass bomb (has a 2 second fuse!).

H = Morph Ovum eggs, changes enemies into chickens.

I = Skull with Wings (allows flight for 1 minute).

J = Chaos Device (full version only).

Z + 0 (zero) = Gives 5 of each game items.

Enter these on their own (separate from above)

COCKADOODLEDOO = Turns the player into a chicken.

ENGAGE = Warp to level (may not work on all versions).

IDDQD = Instantly kills the player.

IDKFA = Removes all weapons and ammo, except the staff weapon (shows a message calling you a cheater!).

KITTY = No clipping allows walking through walls.

PONCE = Sets health to 100%.

QUICKEN = God Mode gives full invulnerability.

MASSACRE = Kills all monsters on the current level.

RAMBO = Gives all weapons with full ammo plus maximum armor (100 points on shareware, 200 in registered version).

RAVMAP = First: Full automap (reveals unexplored areas), Second: Full automap with (remaining) items and enemies, Third: back to normal.

RAVPIC = Type this at the title screen makes the F1 key take screenshots instead of displaying the help page.

SKEL = Gives all keys for the current level.

SHAZAM = Gives and activates the Tome of Power.

TICKER - Shows FPS (frames per second).


1. These codes are not case-sensitive.

2. Codes are disabled in multiplayer mode and in the 'Black Plague Possesses Thee skill' level except code R A V M A P.


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Heretic: A retrospective

Heretic, released in 1994 by Raven Software and published by id Software, is a significant entry in the first-person shooter genre that built upon the foundations laid by Doom. With its dark fantasy setting and distinctive features, Heretic stands out as a noteworthy title in the mid-'90s gaming landscape.

Set in the mystical realm of Parthoris, Heretic follows the protagonist Corvus as he battles against the forces of D'Sparil, an evil Serpent Rider. The game's narrative introduces players to a world filled with magical artifacts, powerful weapons, and otherworldly creatures, providing a unique thematic departure from the more conventional military and sci-fi settings of its predecessors.

From a technological standpoint, Heretic utilized a modified Doom engine, retaining the fast-paced action and engaging level design while introducing new gameplay elements. The introduction of verticality in level design, flying enemies, and the ability to look up and down were notable advancements, enhancing the overall immersion and strategic depth of the game.

Heretic expanded on the arsenal of weapons, introducing magical weapons like the Elven Wand, Ethereal Crossbow, and Dragon Claw, each with its own unique capabilities. The inclusion of various power-ups and artifacts added an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to approach encounters with diverse tactics.

One distinguishing feature of Heretic was its use of a hub-based level structure, a departure from the linear progression seen in some of its contemporaries. This design choice encouraged exploration and non-linear gameplay, contributing to the game's replayability.

Heretic also featured a robust multiplayer mode, allowing players to engage in cooperative play or engage in fierce deathmatches. The multiplayer component added to the game's longevity and laid the groundwork for the social and competitive aspects that would become integral to the first-person shooter genre.

While Heretic may not have achieved the same level of mainstream recognition as Doom, it remains a respected title in the realm of classic shooters. Its blend of dark fantasy, innovative gameplay mechanics, and multiplayer features solidified its place in the legacy of '90s PC gaming, showcasing the ongoing evolution of the genre during a pivotal era in video game history.

- IDGC editor