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Quake 2 - Windows Splash Screen

Full Name: Quake 2 (Quake II)

Release Date: December 9, 1997 (26 year's ago)

Publisher: Activision

Genre: First-Person Shooter

OS: Microsoft Windows

How to Use

When in game, bring down the Console with the ~ key or the ¬ key and then enter the following codes.


The Cheats

god = The player becomes invincible.

give all = Receive all weapons, full ammo etc.

noclip = For passing through walls and objects [Space: Move up, C: Move down].

notarget = Enemies cannot target the player.

status = Displays information on the current game.

sv_gravity ### = Changes the gravity level to ### [001 - 999].

give - and one of these:

airstrike marker

armor shard

blue key

combat armor

commander's head - comes from Level 14: Research Facility.

power shield

red key

security pass

weapons = ALL weapons and ammo.


1. These codes are not case-sensitive.


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QUAKE 2: A retrospective

Quake II, unleashed upon the gaming world in 1997 by id Software, stands as a sequel that not only maintained the studio's reputation for technological innovation but also brought significant changes to the Quake formula. With its revamped graphics engine, compelling narrative, and intense multiplayer features, Quake II solidified the series as a powerhouse in the first-person shooter genre.

One of the most noticeable advancements in Quake II was the introduction of a new graphics engine, the id Tech 2 engine. This upgrade allowed for more sophisticated 3D environments, enhanced lighting effects, and detailed character models. The result was a significant leap forward in visual fidelity, showcasing id Software's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Quake II departed from the Lovecraftian horror theme of its predecessor, offering a narrative-driven experience set in a dystopian future where humanity battles against a cybernetic alien race known as the Strogg. The narrative added a layer of depth to the game, providing context for the intense combat and elevating the overall gaming experience.

The single-player campaign in Quake II featured a more structured progression system, with interconnected levels and mission objectives. This departure from the non-linear level design of the original Quake provided a more narrative-driven experience while retaining the series' trademark fast-paced action.

Quake II's multiplayer component remained a focal point, with Deathmatch making a return alongside new modes like Capture the Flag. The game embraced online multiplayer, and the community-driven modding scene flourished, introducing custom maps, weapons, and game modes that expanded the longevity of the game.

The arsenal of weapons in Quake II received an overhaul, introducing iconic firearms like the Railgun and the BFG10k. Each weapon had a distinct feel and function, contributing to the game's strategic depth and providing players with varied tools to face the Strogg threat.

The success of Quake II was not only measured in its critical acclaim but also in its lasting impact on the first-person shooter genre. The game's technological advancements, engaging narrative, and robust multiplayer features set a standard that influenced subsequent titles and contributed to the evolution of online gaming.

Decades after its release, Quake II remains a classic, remembered for its technical achievements and its role in shaping the trajectory of first-person shooters. The game's influence can be seen in the continued popularity of the Quake series and the broader landscape of multiplayer online gaming. Quake II stands as a testament to id Software's ability to innovate and redefine the expectations of gamers worldwide.

- IDGC editor