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Wolfenstein 2009 - Windows Splash Screen

Full Name: Wolfenstein (2009)

Release Date: August 18, 2009 (14 year's ago)

Publisher: Activision

Genre: First-Person Shooter

OS: Microsoft Windows

How to Use

1. The file "wolf.cfg" - often found at: [ "\Users\username\AppData\Local\id Software\WolfSP\base\" ] needs to be copied and renamed to: autoexec.cfg

2. Edit this file to add the following line: seta g_cheatsAreOn "1"

3. Start the game and open the Command Console with: Left-Alt, Right-Alt, ~

4. Type in the codes as shown below.


The Cheats

giveallintel = Gives all Intel.

givepowers = Gives all Veil powers.


givegold = Gives desired amount of money # (number).

giveachievements = Unlocks achievements.

giveobjectives = Unlocks all objectives.

momoney = Sets total Money to $31,337.

notarget = Enemies ignore and won't target the player.

god = God mode - player invincibility.

seta pm_runspeed = Change running speed # (number).

seta pm_jumpheight = Set players jump height # (number). Default is 50.

ammo_default = Add ammo for your current weapon.

ammocomponent = Add ammo for component.

give - Then one if the following:

Shroud ammo

Tesla ammo

Panzer ammo

Mauser ammo

MP43 ammo

MDL24 ammo

Particle cannon ammo

MP40 ammo

spawn - Then one if the following:


ammo_lf44 - (Leichenfaust 44 cannon ammo).










weapon_grenade - (MDL.24 grenade).

weapon_lf44 - (Leichenfaust 44 cannon).

weapon_mauser98 - (Kar98 bolt-action rifle).



weapon_panzerschreck - (rocket launcher).


Secret Cheat Menu

Finish the full game on any difficulty to unlock the Cheat Menu.

This will be found at: Options > Game Options > Cheat Menu

The following will now be available to select. Note: these will disable Achievements and Trophies.

Pumpkin Heads - Turn enemy heads into orange squashes.

Unlock All Weapons

Unlock All Veil Powers

Infinite Money


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Wolfenstein 2009: A retrospective

Wolfenstein, released in 2009 by Raven Software and published by Activision, is a first-person shooter that serves as a reboot of the Wolfenstein series. Combining elements of traditional first-person shooting with supernatural and paranormal themes, the game continues the adventures of B.J. Blazkowicz as he battles against the occult forces of the Third Reich.

The narrative of Wolfenstein unfolds in the fictional town of Isenstadt, where B.J. Blazkowicz is tasked with preventing the Nazis from harnessing supernatural powers. The game introduces the Veil, an alternate dimension that grants Blazkowicz special abilities, such as slowing down time and accessing hidden paths. The supernatural element adds a unique twist to the traditional Wolfenstein storyline.

In terms of gameplay, Wolfenstein features both traditional weapons and supernatural abilities. The arsenal includes classic firearms, such as the MP40 and Kar98, as well as experimental weapons with occult enhancements. The Veil powers play a crucial role in combat and exploration, allowing players to uncover secrets and gain an advantage over the Nazi forces.

The game's level design is divided into hub areas within Isenstadt, providing players with a degree of non-linearity. Exploration is encouraged, as players can undertake side missions, discover hidden areas, and interact with NPCs to gather information and resources. This design choice adds depth to the gameplay and contributes to the overall immersive experience.

Wolfenstein's multiplayer component features traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch and Objective-based missions. The multiplayer aspect allows players to utilize Veil powers in competitive matches, adding a strategic layer to the familiar multiplayer formula. While the multiplayer mode received mixed reviews and did not reach the same level of popularity as some other contemporary shooters, it offered an additional dimension to the overall Wolfenstein experience.

The game received generally positive reviews for its engaging narrative, atmospheric setting, and the integration of supernatural elements into the traditional Wolfenstein formula. While it may not be considered a groundbreaking title, Wolfenstein 2009 successfully modernized the series and provided an entertaining blend of historical fiction and the occult, setting the stage for the future entries in the franchise.

- IDGC editor